• I am an Accredited Buyers Representative.
  • I’ve been helping people buy homes for 33 years!
  • I am a Real Estate Broker.
  • I will ALWAYS put YOUR interests first.
  • I will arrange for financing. I will make sure you find a qualified lender to pre-approve you. I will make sure you are happy with the lender you’ve selected unless you have your own preferred lender.
  • I will make an evaluation of the home that you are purchasing.
  • I will keep you updated on newly listed homes in the market place.
  • I will make sure that you are aware of any changes in the market.
  • I will take the time to help make your home hunting a good experience. I can advise you on the best methods of picking lenders, home inspectors, and attorneys.
  • I KNOW HOW TO NEGOTIATE. An experienced third party, familiar with all aspects of real estate is best when negotiating a contract. I will negotiate for you to get the BEST COMPETITIVE PRICE possible.
  • I will KEEP YOU INFORMED of all the information regarding this important time in your life.
  • I have been in the construction business for over 30 years.
  • I have one full-time team member who works as a support staff. He is trained in real estate and happy to serve.
  • Remember, I don’t get my fee until you’ve closed on the home you have decided to own.
    I can’t afford not to give you GREAT SERVICE.

Please fill out the following form if you would like help purchasing a home, or contact Cherie Smith Zurek directly by dialing (847) 438-1919

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Thank you,
Cherie Smith Zurek