• I will always put your interests first.
  • I will make sure you buyer is pre-approved through a lender. I will make an evaluation of our competition. I will keep you aware of the homes listed after yours, and homes that sell while your home is on the market.
  • I will take the time to help you make your home more sell-able. I can advise you on the best methods of enhancing certain features of your home to make it more attractive to a prospective buyer.
  • I KNOW WHERE THE BUYERS ARE! Through advertising your home and similar houses in the same price range, I will be able to generate prospects for your house.
  • Multiple photos of your home will be taken and a brochure to highlight your home will be made to remind prospects of all the special features your home has to offer.
  • I will give your home an extensive presence on the internet, including multiple photos and virtual tours to market the best features of your home to potential buyers.
  • I will make sure that you are aware of any changes in the market.
  • I will take the time to make your experience selling real estate a good one. I can advise you on the best methods of picking painters, handy man, electricians, flooring, etc. Whatever we need to get your home in shape to sell, I can help.
  • PRE APPROVAL IS A MUST. I GUARANTEE all potential buyers from my office will be able to afford your home.
  • I KNOW HOW TO NEGOTIATE. An experienced third party, familiar with all aspects of real estate is best when negotiating a contract. I will negotiate for you to get the HIGHEST and BEST PRICE possible.
  • I will KEEP YOU INFORMED of all buyer interest and consult with you about activities regarding your home.
  • I have a full-time team member who are trained in real estate and are here to serve you.

Remember, I don’t get my fee until your home is SOLD.

Since I pay for advertising and all marketing costs, secretaries, staff, office, rent…etc. I make more money the harder I work to get your home sold quickly and always sold for best price and terms. The longer it takes the more it costs me. I can’t afford not to give you GREAT SERVICE in house sales.

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